National Co-operatives Federation of Eswatini

The National Co-operatives Federation of Eswatini (NCFE) was established by the coming together of the three (3) current unions, i.e. ESASCCO; ESWAMCU and ESNYCA, late in 2020 and was duly registered by the Commissioner for Co-operatives in October the same year.

Membership Structure of The Federation

Whilst direct affiliation and membership is only applicable to apex federations in the country, all Eswatini citizens through their membership and participation in their co-operatives at a primary level are eventually members of the National Co-operatives Federation of Eswatini (NCFE). There are currently three (3) apex bodies constituting the NCFE. These are:


The National Co-operative National Federation of Eswatini is made of a bottom up hierarchical structure as follows:

Representational Mandate

NCFE has a a mandate to be represented in all meetings and activities deliberating and taking decisions on matters involving and or affecting co-operatives. This will enable it to influence and lobby for fair, reasonable, transparent and inclusive decision making that incorporates the co-operatives voice on matters affecting them