Eswatini Association of Savings and Credit Cooperatives

ESASCCO LTD- Eswatini Association of Savings and Credit Cooperatives, is an apex body for the Savings and Credit Cooperatives of Eswatini and was registered on the 06 June, 1988 under the Eswatini Cooperative Societies Act of 1964 as amended and granted a Certificate of Registration under Regulation 4 (a) of 2003 No. 162, and registered under the provisions of Section 9 of the Cooperatives Societies Act No.5 of 2005, as amended by the Commissioner for Cooperative Development..

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Eswatini National Youth Cooperatives Alliance

SNYCA seeks to build an effective institutional capacity of youth cooperative support structures to provide the skills and resources for youth cooperatives to grow and prosper as true business entities that can generate income for their members.

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The Eswatini Farmers Cooperative Union

The Eswatini Farmers Cooperative Union (ESWAFCU) is an apex body representing all Farming and Multi-purpose cooperatives in Eswatini to improve their access to inputs, equipment, markets and technical information. The organization was officially formed and registered on 08 September in 2006.

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Statistics of co-operatives in the Kingdom of Eswatini as of 2018

Saving and Credit Co-operatives 100%
Farming Co-operatives 90%
Youth Co-operatives 75%
Active Co-operatives 90%
Doormant Co-operatives 55%
Registered Co-operatives 55%