Eswatini Association of Savings and Credit Cooperatives

ESASCCO LTD- Eswatini Association of Savings and Credit Cooperatives, is an apex body for the Savings and Credit Cooperatives of Eswatini and was registered on the 06 June, 1988 under the Eswatini Cooperative Societies Act of 1964 as amended and granted a Certificate of Registration under Regulation 4 (a) of 2003 No. 162, and registered under the provisions of Section 9 of the Cooperatives Societies Act No.5 of 2005, as amended by the Commissioner for Cooperative Development..

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Eswatini National Youth Cooperatives Alliance

SNYCA was formed in 2016 and registered by the Commissioner of Co-operatives under the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Trade, in accordance with the Coopearives Societies Regulations of 2005 in July 2016.The Alliance was Formed with the sole purpose of creating a better life for its members.

Their services include pre-coopearive registration training, board orientation,cooperative general business support, Financial management training, leadership training,Application for funding support and bookkeeping and auditing.

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The Eswatini Farmers Cooperative Union

The Eswatini Farmers Cooperative Union (ESWAFCU) is an apex body representing all Farming and Multi-purpose cooperatives in Eswatini to improve their access to inputs, equipment, markets and technical information. The organization was officially formed and registered on 08 September in 2006.

The ESWAMCU provide, organise and supervise central services such as joint procurement and supply of general inputs,raw materials and implements for anyfor of production. They provide information, education, training and advisory services on cooperatives principles and cooperatives practices and on the management of cooperatives enterprise. They also assist in the formation of commitess and cooperatives determinig the feasibility of projects and facilitating the regiatration of new cooperatives. Again, they also provide audit serives of members cooperatives accourding to the provision of the Act. Lastly they provide capacity building and traing to memebers for themto become more competitive and sustainable .

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Statistics of co-operatives in the Kingdom of Eswatini as of 2018

Saving and Credit Co-operatives 100%
Farming Co-operatives 90%
Youth Co-operatives 75%
Active Co-operatives 90%
Doormant Co-operatives 55%
Registered Co-operatives 55%