Manage CCF Contributions

A Central Co-operative Fund to which all co-operatives shall allocate a certain portion of their net surplus every year.

Grant Loans to Affiliated Co-operatives

A Revolving Fund was established accessible by full Members for onward lending to members.

The interest rates and the period of the loan shall be determined by the loan policy from time to time as deemed neccesary

Provide Education and Trainings

Participating in the organization of fairs, exhibitions, lectures, seminars, symposia, conferences, forums, congresses etc.;

Ensure Good Governance in co-operative

Custodianship of good corporate governance and compliance with co-operatives principles and values by co-operatives and affiliates before they are registered or their registration renewed .

Conflict Resolution

Resolving disputes between affiliates, between co-operatives members and generally within the sector, including instituting or defending legal proceedings affecting members

Access to Core functions of Co-operatives

Proving universal access to affordable auxiliary functions of co-operatives and affiliates as shared services.

Values Of Co-operatives

There are 10 values that all co-ops are based on.